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IM Training Update

IM Training Update Who has been to the Normandy area in France? I was fortunate to be able to visit there in 2018. One of the most impressive sites was the scaling of the cliffs at Point du Hoc. A highly motivated group of American Army Rangers made that incredible climb under fire and captured the enemy position. Wow! Pictures do not do this cliff justice. I could not imagine doing this. The reason I bring this up, some days I feel like I am climbing an impossible cliff. That I guess is just life, but I feel that way. The last three weeks have been good. I am still to scared to get on the scale, but I have been able to tighten my belt two notches, on my way to a third hopefully this week. Workouts have been good, but I still have avoided the pool. I finished a three hour bike last week and hopefully this week I will be able to knock out a 3:30 bike. Last week I was also able to get in a long treadmill workout of 7 miles. I managed 5 yesterday without issue, so this next week I will do an 8 mile adventure. I guess if you keep knocking out things, it might not seem so hard.... We shall see Peace this beautiful day P

Weekly Wandering

Are you a day dreamer? I remember as kids that if you were accused of day dreaming you could have been thought of as a slacker or not focused. Is it just me or did society just rob us of our childhood? 

Think about it, we always talk about what we wanted to do as kids. We dreamed about running on to the football field with the Cowboys or Redskins. Or joining the military, only the glamour side, sitting with head out driving a tank in Europe. Who knows.... but it was fun to dream wasn't it?

Then someone told us that dreams were no longer acceptable... All of a sudden you have to pay bills, so you get a job and the endless cycle continues...

I often look back at pictures in my phone and wish I could go back to Scotland. I dream of living there, squeaking out a living, having a humble life enjoying the beauty of the Highlands. But then reality strikes, and I will leave it there. Most people would laugh at me for suggesting that I sell everything and move. But that is how I feel. 

Mumford and Sons has song called "Hopeless Wanderer", maybe that is what you should call me, a hopeless wanderer...

Well I have to stop wandering for now and get back to work. It's Saturday morning, I need to finish up a sermon for Sunday, ride a bike and do other things this day. Always something!

This week has been decent for getting back into the swing of working out. Yesterday I spent 1 1/2 hours on the treadmill, nothing great, just a steady cardio workout. Today I will hit the bike for a few hours. Food intake is my challenge, I had a pretty good week. Still have a lot of room for improvement, so we will see....

Peace and love


Happy Birthday Danny

Happy Birthday Danny!

Hope you have a great day....and an exciting 2022!

On a different note now

What transpired yesterday?

Well a decent day, again not perfect though. 

Avocado toast in the morning. Spinach and grilled shrimp for lunch. A chicken sandwich with some leftover red beans for dinner.

I was also able to get a solid one hour bike ride in again. 

Today I will head to the gym to get a treadmill workout in and then it is off to real world of meetings and ministry work.



Time to Ride

Time to Ride

It has been a few years since I owned my last motorcycle. A few months ago this Harley came up for sale. I have never owned an older Harley, so here was my chance.

The bike has a neat history, built by friend in Lacombe, it was the last motorcycle he built before passing away. The bike got sold immediately after his death and the new owner parked it along with his other project bikes.

I got a call a while back telling me this bike was for sale and after looking at it and negotiating on the price, we loaded it up on the trailer and brought it home. It is now at a friends shop getting some modifications done to fit me. 

Hopefully it will be ready to ride soon, I am getting excited!

Speaking of it being a time to ride, yesterday was another good day on the bicycle. It was also a good day for food intake. A little hiccup for dinner, but nothing horrible. Keep refining and working!

Peace on this wonderful day


Throwback Tuesday

Good morning world!

Throwback Tuesday

It is a little scary to look at this picture. That is me with one of the ladies from our church.

The picture is about ten years old. It has been a long... I repeat long ten years, but I feel like if I do not get a grip on my life, I will be right back in that shape before long.

For me it happens rather quickly. Go on vacation, over eat a week or two every month or two and next thing you know you are at the store looking for the next size up in clothing.

The worst part is the embarrassment that you feel. Knowing where you have come from and where you are headed if you don't change. The embarrassment leads to anger and a feeling of self-hatred from letting things get out of control.

Change has to take place, or this throwback picture could be a new reality. Enough said...

On a different note, I had a nice hour and half bike ride on the trainer yesterday. Back on the back this morning for a quick ride and hopefully a stop at the gym after work today to get a walk in the treadmill. 



January 10th. A New Start


Back on the rollercoaster...

It has been at least 6 months since I last posted something. I could make my usual excuses about being busy. Hurricane Ida derailed a lot around our area, but that didn't stop me from doing things. So be prepared for the next few months, I will be writing more!

So, back on what rollercoaster? 

Yes, a race is on the horizon. The great question will be..... wait for it.....

Will I be ready for it...

And the answer is...

Health Update

 All clear, disregard the "Police Notice". I really do not think the police care if I got the 'All clear'

All clear, that is a great topic for the day and in some ways a little troubling. 

My all clear comes from a successful nuclear stress test. In the past two years I have slowly or not so slowly put on fifty pounds. Yes... I can add weight quicker than the average bear. With a race on the schedule for November, I figured it might be time to train and try to lose weight.

But first, health check up. I have not felt the greatest lately. I can not point to one thing or another, I just have not felt good lately. I seem to have a variety of aches and pains; shoulder pain, neck pain, side lateral muscle spasms, plantar fasciitis, tired feeling, the list goes on and on.

Is this just a by-product of my weight gain and the world we live in?

Your guess is as good as mine. But I figured it was time to have a doctor help eliminate some things. So a stress test was ordered. Easy for me, I am over fifty, overweight and complain about aches and pains. Safe bet, stress test...

The early results are in and I am fine. No issues as of yet.

Which leads me to wonder, what the heck is wrong with me.

I am guessing that any number of people could come up with a wide variety of answers to that open ended question. Oh, let me count the ways.... I can hear the "What's wrong with Paul" comments now. For the sake of this blog post and my life, we will leave them off for now.

So what is wrong? I wish I knew.

Walking through a mine field

Have you ever walked through a mine field? Most of us would probably say "No, of course not!" I have watched enough movies and have enough common sense to know that walking through a mine field might not be a good or smart thing to do. 

The closest thing I have ever done in regards to walking through a real mine field was on a trip to El Salvador back in the early nineties. Believe me when I say that I had no intention of walking through a mine field, it just happened. El Salvador had just finished their civil war and the country was still not the safest place to be. 

My friend and interpreter for the trip took me to their families country home close to the ocean. It was there that we decided to do a like mountain biking. I love to bike, so it was a no brainer of sorts. The trails were single track and we were having fun. 

Well... let me back up. I should have known something was a little different when pistols were put in the bags and backpacks before the ride started. Well the riding was great, really beautiful and fun. A few of the trails had barb wire on one side and twenty or thirty foot drops on the other side. It made it challenging to say the least on paths that are rutted. Finally we got to some easier riding and we stopped for a break. The break was short and I was reminded to stay on the path we were on. Why? Mine fields.... 

Yes, the area that we were riding through had been mined.... Ok, that was a new one for me. I survived as they say, lived to tell about it and guess what, I enjoyed it! I felt like I was really living I guess...

Now, what does this story have to do with today and the fact that most of us will never walk through a mine field in our life time. Or will we?

Peace out for this day, hopefully I will not step on any mines today

An IM Nightmare

Coming off the bike in IM Texas a few years ago

   Do you dream? I do some nights. Some dreams are the type of dreams you never want to end. Even if you somewhat wake up from the dream, you want to fall back asleep as soon as you can in hopes that it will pick back up from where it stopped.

   Last night was one of those nights that the dream was not one worth going back to. I say it was a nightmare, but that isn't really the whole truth.

   There was no scary monsters, even though I have been watching "Stranger Things" again while I am riding my bike indoors. I was not shot on the battlefield or anything other thing that might typically make me wake up and be thankful that it was only a dream.

So, what was the nightmare you might ask, your time is valuable! 

It was an Ironman triathlon nightmare and it was the first that I have had like it. I believe I was at Ironman Texas and I had just finished the swim portion of the race. I was in what they call the transition area along with my friend Marcus and that is where it started to go wrong. I asked if I could borrow some chamois cream to use and he said sure. Now if you know me, I overpack for every race and every transition bag! Ok first scary thing, no chamois cream! Marcus proceeds to loan me some and I head off to find a bathroom to put it on. [that is strange in itself] After finding the bathroom to change in, I begin to apply the cream and put some on the shorts that I will use for the bike. Next problem and scary thing.... The bike shorts are brand new! Surprise number two! New shorts with the tag still on them! And not just a tag that I can tear off, this pair of shorts had a tag that was attached with what looked like a nylon zip tie. [You never use new shorts on race day!]

So, cream is applied, zip tie is removed and finally shorts are on and in walks some duds who are working the race. I asked them how much time did I have to get across the timing mat to start the bike course.... the answer.... two minutes! [next major problem for me, no watch to track time]

Like if things could not get any worse. The guys are like "dude you are not going to make it." I don't disagree, but I say something like "Me and this course have a history and I need to do it!" 

But the fact of the matter is.... two minutes... so I hustle out of the bathroom area and begin to walk [notice walk not run] back to where my bike is and I begin to wonder what the heck am I going to do.

At this point in my mind I am thinking about being the last person out there again. The last person stopping at aid stations and the last person to come off the bike and probably not make the next cutoff time, but I should do it no matter what. I should ride 112 miles on the bike and run/walk 26.2 miles because I have a history with this course....

And then bam.... that is the end of the dream!

Not sure what I did [well the truth is that it was a dream so I did not do a thing!]

But it did leave this thought stuck in my head, what the heck would I do if faced with the option again in my life [my real life, not dream world] ... what would I do?

You might not think that was a nightmare, but in my life... that was pretty damn scary. What would I do...

I guess we will have to find out next year in Texas in April [so this post will be continued]

Back on the bike later today to keep working

Peace out my friends


Ironman Arizona

It seems like it has been a year or two since I last wrote something on this blog...  A lot has been going on to say the least. Yes I could blame a lot on COVID, but that would be a big lie! I could say I have been busy, but that would be an excuse and not a good one. I just have had a lot of stuff going on.

As guessed by any one who might actually read this blog, the Texas Ironman race did not happen for April of 2021. I had transferred out of the race before they actually cancelled the race. Which means that I will be racing in the 2022 version of that race. It should be in the Woodlands and in April of 2022. I do believe they have scheduled a 2021 race for Texas in October, but currently I am not planning on being there for that race.

Why? I am planning on racing in Arizona towards the end of November 2021. Yes! I believe that race will actually happen.  187 days out and I actually believe I need all 187 days to train. 

So consider this a warning, weekly post will be taking place from now on. Actually twice a week... If you are bored, be prepared to entertained..... because here we go.....

Stay in peace this beautiful rainy day