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It's been a while

It has been a while, has it not? A year almost has passed by since I last posted something to this site. Numerous times throughout the year I have thought about cancelling this site and saving a few dollars, but that has never happened. As I approach Christmas, I cannot help but think about my parents and in this month, my father. He passed away in December back in 2007. Fifteen years ago, the world lost a good man and I lost my best friend. Since that time I have lost a good many best friends. Keith and Tony have been gone years now. Not sure about you, but good friends are hard to find. When it comes to good men, that also is something that the world seems to be missing. That generation of guys who would sacrafice for others. I recently had a weird conversation in Cancun with a couple from England. Not sure if the man was joking or not, but he defifently believed that Americans had impossed their military might on the world over the years. Not wanting to pick to big of a fight, I did say something like, "we saved you guys" a few times. Men like my father, fought and died for the freedom of others.
My father flew in a PBY aircraft in WWII. He was drafted in High School and got a deferal so he could graduate with his class. He was sworn in and attended basic and his class to become a radio operator. Then he was assigned to the PBY. Can you imagine doing all that at 18? Why am I talking about this, sometimes life is overwhelming, but we all need to take a break and refocus. My break is over and I am ready to get back to work! Enjoy your Christmas break, see you on the flip side as they say Peace, love and a lot of Jesus!!!