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Time to Ride

Time to Ride

It has been a few years since I owned my last motorcycle. A few months ago this Harley came up for sale. I have never owned an older Harley, so here was my chance.

The bike has a neat history, built by friend in Lacombe, it was the last motorcycle he built before passing away. The bike got sold immediately after his death and the new owner parked it along with his other project bikes.

I got a call a while back telling me this bike was for sale and after looking at it and negotiating on the price, we loaded it up on the trailer and brought it home. It is now at a friends shop getting some modifications done to fit me. 

Hopefully it will be ready to ride soon, I am getting excited!

Speaking of it being a time to ride, yesterday was another good day on the bicycle. It was also a good day for food intake. A little hiccup for dinner, but nothing horrible. Keep refining and working!

Peace on this wonderful day