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Throwback Tuesday

Good morning world!

Throwback Tuesday

It is a little scary to look at this picture. That is me with one of the ladies from our church.

The picture is about ten years old. It has been a long... I repeat long ten years, but I feel like if I do not get a grip on my life, I will be right back in that shape before long.

For me it happens rather quickly. Go on vacation, over eat a week or two every month or two and next thing you know you are at the store looking for the next size up in clothing.

The worst part is the embarrassment that you feel. Knowing where you have come from and where you are headed if you don't change. The embarrassment leads to anger and a feeling of self-hatred from letting things get out of control.

Change has to take place, or this throwback picture could be a new reality. Enough said...

On a different note, I had a nice hour and half bike ride on the trainer yesterday. Back on the back this morning for a quick ride and hopefully a stop at the gym after work today to get a walk in the treadmill.