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Time to Train for an Ironman IMTX 2021

The journey begins again... IMTX

This is actually a pretty cool test to see who actually reads my blog post. Well I really already know the answer, maybe one or two people on a good day. This announcement will determine if my coach and friend Lisa is following me! 

I have not told her officially that I signed up for the Ironman race in Texas towards the end of April. I figured I would wait until January to spring that little surprise on her. Well Coach, if you reading "SUPRISE!"

I had originally only planned on racing an Ironman race in November in Arizona. That would have given me a whole year to train for this endeavor. But as things go, plans changed.

The change came because the Texas race was selling out and my wife asked the question "Are you signing up for Texas?"

Woodlands TX

My first response was "NO" not a chance, not on your life, nada!

She asked why not and I said I was training this year for Arizona and Texas would have to wait. 

But the more I thought about it.... 

So what was it that changed my mind?


I have been in a viral funk, probably like many other people. That funk has included gaining weight and being depressed. Not a good place for anyone to be in. 

So I bit the bullet, or in the case, opened the checkbook and paid the bill for the race. 

As the expression goes, now we will find out if I can cover the check that I wrote. [Not a financial problem, but a mental/physical one]

I owe the Texas course something and I owe myself something. 

My brief history with Texas is filled with sweat and tears. I have finished Texas late, gave up on the bike one year and for the last two years I did not make the last lap cutoff time for the run. Both of those last attempts were a matter of minutes. [a subject for another day]

So as you can tell, I owe it to myself to beat the "F" out of this course or at least come to a peaceful understanding with this course! Either way I had to sign up for the race.

Now the training begins, real training, not just "hey I am going for a walk" training. 

Follow along if you dare, it should be an interesting ride

The finish line red carpet back in 2016, my first IM