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IMTX 2021 day 2


Day 2

Well I found out that my Coach and friend Lisa does read my blog....

So much for hiding out for a couple of weeks....

I had to share these photos from 2015 & 2016. I know it seems silly, but they are important photos for me. Why you might ask?

There are actually two reasons.

Reason number one, I am smiling! I know that might sound a little crazy, but I am smiling!!! 

Reason number two, both photos were taken before the swim starts of the half Ironman in New Orleans and the full Ironman in the Woodlands Texas.

I think both those reasons are important because they show something that I believe I lost after the two races. 

What was that you might ask?

A little background, I am about to embark on a long day, at both races. And the fact that I am getting ready to get into the water is another. Swimming has never been a strong sport for me. To even say those words together, swimming and sport for me, is actually kind of funny. In the first race I had less than 6 months of swimming under my wetsuit and by Texas I had made some strides [strokes] in the water, but by no means was I an accomplished swimmer and I am still not to this day.

But I was smiling! The ability to smile about what was getting ready to happen and just enjoy the fact that I had made it to the day and was getting ready to race the same course as thousands of other age group athletes and professional triathletes was something in itself.

Oh, by the way, my wife took those pictures of me. The special person who has been with me through all of this crazy adventure. 

Peggy at the wheel

Back on track, if you have ever done one of these races, and if you can step out of yourself for a moment, it is really is fun! Just take a moment to marvel at everything that is going on and not get caught up thinking you own the world. I believe the problem comes when we take things way to seriously and lose focus on why we are there and the road we took to get there.

I think over the years I lost focus on that. 

Time again to refocus. 

I just noticed something.... I use the phrase "Back on track" a lot! Maybe that should be the title of the book. I just googled it and it does not appear to be used yet.

One day I will write that book!

Have a great day 
Coach Lisa, you have a great one over in Italy also!

Peace out