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December 7th

December 7th, a day that live in infamy.

Have we finally reached that point in time when we no longer remember what has taken place to our country? 

I wonder, I really do wonder how long we as a nation will stand together.

Over the years we have watched our country slip further down the rabbit hole, almost to the point that we are no longer a United States. What a sad day that has become. Back on point. 

December 7th 1941. My thoughts in general. Never forget your past, because if you do, you will end up repeating it. 

Anchor from the Battleship Arizona

We happened to visit on Memorial Day weekend in 2019. Flags lined the fences of the park and on each flag they had attached a name of someone who had died that day serving our great country. 

I found a few names of airmen that had served on the PBY squadron that were stationed there. 
The original tower for Ford Island. It is still standing and it was beautiful to see the flag still perched up top!

The National Cemetery in Hawaii