to be be be an be be be...

What have you been doing?



That is what I have been doing in my spare time.

One of the things that I like to do is cook Jambalaya. I got started down that road many years ago. A good friend of mine started a catering business and before you know it I was helping and stirring the pot!

Fast forward a few years and I bought a small 20 gallon pot from him when we moved to St. Louis. As the story goes, that was the start of this hobby. 

Over the years the equipment has grown, especially the jambalaya pots. The 20 gallon pot we started with is still there, but we have progressed up to 30 gallon pots, then to a modified 60 gallon pot, and finally the one you see in the picture, a 90 gallon pot.

This hobby of feeding people has come in handy lately. Recent hurricanes that have hit the gulf coast have allowed us to use our equipment and our talents to serve others.

To date we have served over 17,000 meals!

Now it is hard to complain, [because I love this type of work] but staying this busy for the last 3 months has taken a toll on many things. Mainly my eating habits and exercise routine. It seemed to be the easiest thing to put on the back seat. I tried staying busy, like walking in the morning, but that was not enough to fight the scale.

As we all know, and if you actually read the blog, exercise is not the answer for me when it comes to the scale. Better eating habits wins every day. 

Well, I have really lost that battle and screwed things up. But hey, it's a new day.

Just like with the election and everything that goes on in life, the sun will rise today, just like everyday before and everyday after [until the Lord returns].

So I did something to change things up.... I signed up for a race in April of 2021. Yes it is a full Ironman distance triathlon. Nothing like adding some heat to the pot!

This past week the road bike is on the trainer and I have actually started riding again. It feels ok, just getting used to it again after being off of it for 3 months. I also bought a Concept 2 rower and have added that to my regime. 

I am looking forward to the next month or two and how I feel coming into January. 

Big things in store in 2021, we just have to all survive the last blast of 2020.

Stay in peace!

Cooking in Lake Charles


like Jambalaya, we just switch out the rice and use bowtie pasta, it is a nice switch