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IMTX Day 5 and 6


Learning how to ride a bike

Day 5 and 6 of IMTX training and a little personal reflection

Do you remember the first time you rode a two wheel bike?

I do and I can prove it!

That photo is the evidence that I learned when I was 4 years old. 

As you know from older blog post not long after that photo was taken a crash happened and I ended up with a nice gash by my knee.

But have no fear, dad was a former US Navy man and he used his skills to tape my cut closed. No stiches for me, just push the skin together and tape. For that I also have proof, the scar is still there 50 years later.

Well yesterday was a bike day and I think today will be a bike day also. I have been faithful in stretching and doing the exercises prescribed by the PT department at Ochsner. I am finally feeling good back on the bike trainer. I switched up bikes on the trainer and have my Cervelo P3 bike mounted now. The Specialized Roubaix is hanging on the wall for now and I will use it on my short outside rides in the near future. 

I have to honestly say that I love the feel of the Cervelo. It is a sleek machine and it has the electronic shifting. That is really the bomb! I think everyone should have electronic shifting [if only money was never the stumbling block] everyone would. 

Back on track

December 12th

This date some 13 years ago my father passed away.

He was everything that a father should be. I am not sure that I can write a bunch about him today without becoming depressed. I miss him! I miss his hugs, his voice and his advice. 

I will take a quick ride outside today, even though it is raining now. It will be my ride to remember the man who was a real dad. 

I have to stop, otherwise depressing and crying ensue