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Accountability and Responsibility

Do you like to have accountability in your life?

I think this will be a multi post topic for sure. What does it mean to be accountable? Does it mean that you need to explain and report on your actions? Does it mean you need to justify your behavior?

I like to think that being accountable is as simple as giving an account of whatever you were being held responsible for.

Examples could range from responsibilities at work, to family obligations, to your financial record keeping, to your health and fitness and finally to your personal actions during the course of your life.

How is that working for you now? I realize that my above list is not a broad enough list of topics and you might have micro managed many more things to have more accountability in your life, but my basic list above works for these rambling thoughts.

So, are you responsible and accountable in one area only or in multiple facets of your life? I would think most of us are either way. We almost have to if we are going to survive in this world. If you want a job, a family, a roof over your head and most things that we have, you have to have a level of accountability and responsibility in your life to some degree correct?

I have meet many people who are living breathing rolling train wrecks. That might sound a little crazy, but they have not only gone off the rails, but instead of coming to a complete stop, the train still keeps plowing along into the weeds and no one knows where it will end.

Responsibility and accountability in their lives got thrown out of the window at some point because it wasn't tethered down by a high tensity cable, it was thrown of a bullet train and it was held with a kite string and we know how that turned out. And that is sad isn't it?

Sad because for whatever reason they cannot put things together. I am not talking about one plus one, but a little more complex. I did not like math. Well let's be honest, I hated math. I barely got by. In high school I failed basic algebra. Yes failed it! F, big F! My excuse has always been that I had a Sony Walkman, you remember those classics... I had a cassette model and I had a Foreigner 4 tape and I sat in the back of class and listened to Jukebox Hero and Urgent more than I would like to admit to.

Accountability at home? Not that I remember at that time of my life. No lectures, nada, nothing... I just flunked and had to take Math Two next year. Oh well, life moved on for me. But I have to be honest, I still love Jukebox Hero!

Back on track....

Accountability, its funny or its not I guess. We can almost laugh at the train wrecks of others and fail to see them in our own life.... We marvel and feel sad for others and yet we really can't make an honest assessment of our shortcomings and failures. [almost like my algebra illustration]

When we will that come to an end?

Good question.... more to follow

Well enough for this morning. I got up real early this day, already wrote a rough draft for a sermon for Sunday and now I need to eat and then go swim before heading to church.

Peace out
The Tower of London....real accountability