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Cooking in Houston 2016

2016 Trip to Houston, cooking for a Public school

If you can remember back to 2016, Hurricane Harvey did a number on southeast Texas. The Houston area was hit pretty hard and we reached out to see if our skills could be used to help during the recovery phase.

Our skill set you might ask is cooking our specialty dish of chicken and sausage jambalaya for large amounts of people, as in 500 to 1000 people.

We ended up making multiple trips to the Houston area during the clean up phase.

We cooked in parking lots, church lots and even school parking lots and in a short time served over 5 to 6 thousand meals.

Photos from this day of cooking were taking at a public school. Yes a public school in south Houston. We cooked the food across the street from the school at a Lutheran church and panned up the food to be served in the cafeteria at the school.

As you can tell by the pictures, the community came
out to enjoy the food. But the local community also
came out to help each other, by sharing what they had
with families in need.

I would go to communities in need every week and cook if it was up to me. We always talk about doing what makes you happy, this is it. Helping and using my gifts in way that makes an impact.

To those who might say that we don't feed the really needy, the people on skid row, you might be right, but we feed and shower people with love, no matter what their status / place in life.

And as you can tell, this is only done because help. Faithful people who believe in helping others, band together and take time to make these types of events take place.