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Friday with Frank

Friday with Frank

One day at church after our Men's bible study one of my friends asked how my last Ironman race/adventure went. After I shared the long and painful story, I told him I wanted to work on my ability to push through a certain level of pain with my walking and keep moving no matter what!

This has been one of my downfalls on race day. Putting together a solid walk or run after the bike. I need something under 7 hours for 26 miles...

Frank decided that he wanted to start tagging along with me. I jumped at the chance to have someone accompany me on these long run/walks. They get really boring!

In December we knocked out a 6 hour 20 mile march. Today, depending on what watch we want to use, we finished in 6:01 and went 21 to 23 miles. It was a great day on the trace to walk.

Now before I make it sound like it was a stroll through the gardens, all butterflies and wasn't. It actually rained about 8 miles in and poured for about one and half hours. Long enough to make everything I was wearing wet along with my shoes. I was really worried about blisters appearing when this little dance was over.

Well the good and the bad.

No blisters! That is all good. I truly love my Swiftwick socks and my Hoka shoes.

Now the bad... chaffing...

How many of you can relate? When you take the shower after a long ride or run and those first drops of water hit your skin.... YIKES

Wow, Yikes, is all I can say and keep this family friendly. Thankfully I have a few days to relax and recover coming up.

Who can say more Tri-Slide or Chamois Cream please! Next time shout it from the mountain top for me! I wish I would have packed some for the walk. But I didn't, a near fatal flaw....

So it is safe to say that I will sit in my chair and suffer the shame of not applying enough slide or cream to cover all the areas that needed it.

I won't make that Rookie mistake again.

Be on the look out for the next Frank and Paul adventure. 26 miles is coming soon!