to be be be an be be be...

Walking through a mine field

Have you ever walked through a mine field? Most of us would probably say "No, of course not!" I have watched enough movies and have enough common sense to know that walking through a mine field might not be a good or smart thing to do. 

The closest thing I have ever done in regards to walking through a real mine field was on a trip to El Salvador back in the early nineties. Believe me when I say that I had no intention of walking through a mine field, it just happened. El Salvador had just finished their civil war and the country was still not the safest place to be. 

My friend and interpreter for the trip took me to their families country home close to the ocean. It was there that we decided to do a like mountain biking. I love to bike, so it was a no brainer of sorts. The trails were single track and we were having fun. 

Well... let me back up. I should have known something was a little different when pistols were put in the bags and backpacks before the ride started. Well the riding was great, really beautiful and fun. A few of the trails had barb wire on one side and twenty or thirty foot drops on the other side. It made it challenging to say the least on paths that are rutted. Finally we got to some easier riding and we stopped for a break. The break was short and I was reminded to stay on the path we were on. Why? Mine fields.... 

Yes, the area that we were riding through had been mined.... Ok, that was a new one for me. I survived as they say, lived to tell about it and guess what, I enjoyed it! I felt like I was really living I guess...

Now, what does this story have to do with today and the fact that most of us will never walk through a mine field in our life time. Or will we?

I feel like I am walking through a mine field every freaking day! Can I stress the "every freaking day" more emphatically.... Everyone seems to try to find fault with what you say or do. I really wonder why. Why is that? There used to be the expression that somedays you cannot please anyone. 

How about this, I cannot please anyone any day! That is the fact jack! And I am ok with that, but the fact that people hang on every word out of mouth only for the sole purpose of finding fault or taking offense to what I say is really getting old.

I am so ready to retire or find something new to do. There has to be a Walmart that needs the stuff on the top of shelf put away, or a Disney street that needs to be swept. Deep breath.... People are really challenging aren't they. 

Peace out for this day, hopefully I will not step on any mines today