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An IM Nightmare

Coming off the bike in IM Texas a few years ago

   Do you dream? I do some nights. Some dreams are the type of dreams you never want to end. Even if you somewhat wake up from the dream, you want to fall back asleep as soon as you can in hopes that it will pick back up from where it stopped.

   Last night was one of those nights that the dream was not one worth going back to. I say it was a nightmare, but that isn't really the whole truth.

   There was no scary monsters, even though I have been watching "Stranger Things" again while I am riding my bike indoors. I was not shot on the battlefield or anything other thing that might typically make me wake up and be thankful that it was only a dream.

So, what was the nightmare you might ask, your time is valuable! 

It was an Ironman triathlon nightmare and it was the first that I have had like it. I believe I was at Ironman Texas and I had just finished the swim portion of the race. I was in what they call the transition area along with my friend Marcus and that is where it started to go wrong. I asked if I could borrow some chamois cream to use and he said sure. Now if you know me, I overpack for every race and every transition bag! Ok first scary thing, no chamois cream! Marcus proceeds to loan me some and I head off to find a bathroom to put it on. [that is strange in itself] After finding the bathroom to change in, I begin to apply the cream and put some on the shorts that I will use for the bike. Next problem and scary thing.... The bike shorts are brand new! Surprise number two! New shorts with the tag still on them! And not just a tag that I can tear off, this pair of shorts had a tag that was attached with what looked like a nylon zip tie. [You never use new shorts on race day!]

So, cream is applied, zip tie is removed and finally shorts are on and in walks some duds who are working the race. I asked them how much time did I have to get across the timing mat to start the bike course.... the answer.... two minutes! [next major problem for me, no watch to track time]

Like if things could not get any worse. The guys are like "dude you are not going to make it." I don't disagree, but I say something like "Me and this course have a history and I need to do it!" 

But the fact of the matter is.... two minutes... so I hustle out of the bathroom area and begin to walk [notice walk not run] back to where my bike is and I begin to wonder what the heck am I going to do.

At this point in my mind I am thinking about being the last person out there again. The last person stopping at aid stations and the last person to come off the bike and probably not make the next cutoff time, but I should do it no matter what. I should ride 112 miles on the bike and run/walk 26.2 miles because I have a history with this course....

And then bam.... that is the end of the dream!

Not sure what I did [well the truth is that it was a dream so I did not do a thing!]

But it did leave this thought stuck in my head, what the heck would I do if faced with the option again in my life [my real life, not dream world] ... what would I do?

You might not think that was a nightmare, but in my life... that was pretty damn scary. What would I do...

I guess we will have to find out next year in Texas in April [so this post will be continued]

Back on the bike later today to keep working

Peace out my friends