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For King and Country

For King and Country

I guess at one point in time that would have been a beautiful phrase to cry out. But... is it really?

As we watch the world change before our eyes, especially here in America, I wonder how much responsibility does the Crown have in our problems and actually the problems that have plagued our world.

I bring this up because we as a people have romanticized the Royals. Just look at the popular series on your television now and you will see how we love this class of people. I have to wonder why?

Why fantasize about a group of people that we will never be part of? Why make them out to be such noble people. I think we are all smart enough to know that they are just people. The old expression, they put their pants on the same as us would be true, but they actually have servants who put their pants on for them...

History has testified that a lot of Royals have had mental ailments. Not to hard to guess considering the inbreeding that took place over the years. They ruled countries solely by a birth right, not because they were educated or tactically intelligent, they just were born into the right family... No skill required.

I find it hard to believe there has not been a public outcry to ban shows about Royals! 

I wonder why as Americans do we find Royals so interesting? We fled the injustices of the Royals and others in Europe only to have that system in place here for a time. 


So the question still begs to be asked, why do we think the Royals are special? Maybe because they have a special type of inbreeding, that makes them 'unique'. But why in the heck do we fantasize about them.

For King and Country

How many wars, how many deaths, how many families and lives have been destroyed over the years for that phrase? 

Would you like to add them up? Could we even begin? Probably not, the far reaching effects of that phrase have probably brought about the deaths of millions, yet again, we think it is cool when a Royal has a new dress made! 

King and Country

King and Country, hopefully in my lifetime I will see the abolishment of the Royals and the stupidity that comes along with them.

Rant over for now