to be be be an be be be...

Post Christmas and IMTX

Our Christmas 2020 celebration

Everyone made it this year!

Our three children, two with their spouse and one with his girlfriend

Two grandchildren with their girlfriends

Yikes! We are getting old....

Yes it is true, like time our age is not stopping until the Lord calls us home. But He hasn't called us home yet!

So now what are we doing? "Army training sir"

How many of you remember Bill Murray screaming those words at the top of his lungs in Stripes? I loved that movie, a classic for laughs and it even shows us some interesting uses for kitchen utensils..... Or what about John Candy in the wrestling ring with the ladies.... It doesn't get any better than that!

Well I am have not been doing Army training, but IMTX training...kinda sorta

I have gotten in a few treadmill runs in the last couple of days. That has been fun to be back at the gym. Running and walking in my neighborhood has gotten a little crazy with all of the construction traffic in the morning, so the gym is now back on my routine!

Yesterday I got in a little over 6 miles, that was the longest run I have had in a while. It was fine, no issues and I felt that I could have done the another 6 without issue. 

The big issue and the issue that will determine the future is my poor eating habits. Hopefully I can learn better to manage the food intake and with that under better control, the scale might move in the right direction.

Peace, love and chicken grease as they say