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Saturday Weigh In


on Saturday 2/15/2020

Well, what can I say? 

It was a solid week of basic cardio training.

From Monday to Saturday I got in 24.2 miles, my long run this week was 7 miles. I also managed to get in one outdoor bicycle ride for 28 miles also. 

Last week I got in 40.1 miles, which included a 26 mile jaunt on the Trace. That week I also managed two indoor rides for 34 miles.

So for a 4 week total of 90 miles running and 160 miles cycling. No swimming yet.... I just have to get the guts up to get back into the pool. I guess all in good time. 

The big change this week was the addition of some strength training. You don't realize how quickly you lose upper body strength until you don't lift weights for a couple of months.... It's not pretty, but I am back and feeling confident about making some strides in that department. My goal is 3 strength workouts a week for the next couple of months.

So the big thing that looms out there is the scale and my ability to take in calories that I don't really need. It seems like the excuse record is already being cued up for me to drop the needle on. 

If I can look back objectively, it is mindless eating. Not real hunger, just the case of being bored and then not making good choices when I am bored. But is that the real problem? It is part of it. I really think there is another problem.....

Lack of a plan. Yes, lack of a scheduled and detailed eating plan. Years ago I did carb cycling and it seemed to work well for me for a period of time. Maybe I need to take my own advice and just pick a plan and stick to it. Because currently the free wheeling plan of Paul is not netting the results that I would like to see on the scale.