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Our view from our hotel home, who can say "Incredible"

Have you ever been to Paris? This was our first trip to the beautiful and historic city in France. I had heard so many different things about Paris in the months leading up to our trip, good and bad. People warned me about the types of people I would run into while visiting the city. I was told how rude the French people would be with Americans and especially Americans who did not speak French. But no one could have warned me about the beauty that I would see and the emotions that I would feel about such an incredible city.

The Virgin Mary
Our Crucified Lord 

Notre-Dame Cathedral is a something that you should see in person if you ever have the chance. Whatever words I would try to use to describe this beautiful cathedral would fall extremely sort. The cathedral is filled with some of the most beautiful statues and artwork that I have ever seen.

The carvings surrounding the alter area that tell the story of life of Christ are something that you have to see in person. Of course I would be remiss if I did not mention the incredible stained glass work also. I think there is only one word to describe such a beautiful and magnificent structure "WOW". What else can you say. Well, one thing, all the pictures that I took do not do it justice.

We were also fortunate to have stayed right across the river from the cathedral and it offered us an incredible view and a taste of the fast paced life of living in Paris in such a historic area.
Notre-Dame is beautiful and a must see

Wow was all I could say as I looked up.

We decided to do a hop on and hop off bus tour of the city.
This is the easiest way to see the many beautiful sites of Paris.

We went to see the Eiffel Tower but I was not brave enough to venture up the tower. Maybe on another trip once I have conquered some fears about heights.

Getting up close and personal with this iconic structure is a little more difficult that what it once was, at least that is what I am told. Security measures in our modern world forced fencing and bag checks and in some ways took away from the beauty of the area. But I understand that is the world we live in today.
I thought this was one of my better shots in the evening rain
On our first evening in Paris we took a water taxi and experienced the beautiful Seine river. It was chilly and the rain was falling, but hey we were in Paris! I cannot tell you how much that meant to me. I love history and movies and Paris plays such a big role in so many things it was hard not to feel like a giddy school boy as we took in the sites.

What trip to Paris would be complete without your love?
I said one of my biggest concerns would how would an American be treated in Paris who did not speak French. Well let me say that I would go back. Paris is an international city and not knowing French was a detriment, but it wasn't the end of the world. I wouldn't let that stop you from seeing some of the most beautiful buildings in the world and experiencing the city of love!

My general impression about the people in Paris. They were busy and for me somewhat rude, I guess that is somewhat to be expected. But bearable by all  means. Ordering food was the most difficult thing until I realized that pastry shops have what I call a Po-boy! Fresh French bread with a slice of cheese and meat hit the spot on numerous occasions.. And the pastries.... Yikes, some of the best I have ever had in my life and I grew working at Haydel's bakery in Jefferson.

I forgot to mention a street protests. Go figure, our tour bus had to detour from our route to see the Arc de Triomphe because of rioters and tear gas! The funny thing was when we got off the bus to visit the French military museum, we ended up walking through the middle of another protest. This was one was peaceful and it seemed to have health care workers? What do I know! All I can say it was part of the experience of seeing Paris.

I cannot encourage you enough that if you get a chance to go to Paris, you need to go! It is magical and it is something that I feel fortunate to have seen with my own eyes and experienced with my love and good friends.

Hopefully I will figure out how to put more of my photos on this blog of the many places that we have had the pleasure of visiting in Paris in the near future.