to be be be an be be be...


Saturday weigh in


Well what can I say... Not what I want to see, but it is down from last Saturday by a pound. I think the number might be a little off because of the long walk yesterday where I took in a lot more sodium than normal for the marathon distance walk. I know the body retains fluids due to that and it might be interesting to step on scale Monday or Tuesday to see if it is a different number.

But I did make the promise to myself to weigh every Saturday morning, so I did. Time to stay accountable. 

Overall I felt like I had a decent week fueling the body. My worst meal was last night. I had a chicken sandwich, nuggets and fries. I was hungry after a 7 hour walk and not eating lunch that day. Though not an ideal recovery meal as we all know, I cannot beat myself up for eating it. Those days have to be over in my life. 

I enjoyed a good week and did not overeat. I have to be happy with that and continue to clean up little things in my routine. I am always hoping for the big drop in the scale number and it hasn't come yet. Maybe this week as I do some light recovery work in the gym the scale will be more kind to me.

Until then, we must keep plugging along on this road.