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Today is the day!

Today is the day....

My first bike workout of the new year!

If you notice in the picture you will see the scale. To be honest with you all, I do not have the guts to step on to the scale this week.

Since Ironman Arizona at the end of November, I have been on a backwards slide. Basically minimal exercising and a bunch of overeating.

A trip to Cancun, followed by Christmas and New Years celebrations and the final nail in the coffin, a 7 day cruise of all you can eat and drink!

Needless to say I have gained some weight and actually have been forced to purchase some new clothing. Nothing to be proud of.

But today is a new day and a promise to myself to turn things over to my God and Savior and seek help and accountability.

I promise that on Saturday morning I will step on to the scale and own the number that is there. Some of you might ask why not today? Truthfully I am not sure if I could emotionally handle it.

I will give myself 5 days of clean eating and alcohol detox before I make my starting weight official to you all.

I do have a goal numbers for this year

1st goal weight is 290 pounds

2nd goal weight is 275 pounds

3rd goal weight is 260 pounds

4th goal weight is 250 pounds

Final goal weight is 235 to 240 pounds

As I mentioned before, I am not sure what is a realistic goal weight because of my excess skin.

Now some of you might wonder how I can make those goals without knowing my current weight? Great question and I can only say that in the last 5 years I have finally learned how my clothes fit at certain weights.

I am back in 3XLT and a size 50 waist and that my friends is depressing!

The old me was creeping back into my life under the guise of good food and fun times.

That ended this morning.... welcome to the journey