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The Sun Always comes up

The Sun
The sun always seems to rise in the morning doesn't it? 
I cannot explain it. People smarter than me can explain how the earth rotates and sun appears etc etc etc

I cannot and it is that simple. I can offer no explanation that my mind can grasp. You might think that I am being slow witted or even a little dumb, but honestly I have just come to expect the sun will appear every morning.

The sun appears when I am in Cancun on the beach. The sun appears when I am driving east. The sun even appeared when I traveled to Europe or Hawaii. Go figure!

Why the topic of the sun and why this morning.

It seems that the world that we live in for some people is coming to an end. So called biblical preachers are delivering sermons say that all the pieces of the puzzle have come together and the Lord will return very shortly.

Ok, if you say so....

What about disaster / end of the world type movies? My love for movies has forced me to watch some apocalyptic style movies over the years. Yikes there are a bunch of those movies out there. I guess if we go back in time in the cinema, the closest thing we would have would be something like "The War of the Worlds" or more modern like the "End of the Days"...

Ok, but still I am not buying what they are selling for sure.

So why this rant?

The sun still continues to come up in my lifetime. I have no idea what tomorrow holds. Is that scary, I don't know. I guess I am just done with people and the drama that they like to promote. I have responsibilities and everyday I am able to open my eyes and get out of bed, I need to do things. 

Before you think that I do see the problems of this world, think again. I have tried to live most of my life by doing what is right for others. The word doesn't care. The world only cares if you can act in a movie, play a sport, or post bikini photos or porn videos on social media. Now the new rage is to be upset with the lack of opportunities that are out there for so many. It is socially acceptable to protest, destroy property as long as you do it in the name of social justice. The more carnage, the better! 

You have to be kidding me right? I would guess since the dawn of civilization, people have struggled to survive. The world has never been a fair playground where everyone gets the same chance. Sometimes you have to strive and work harder than the person next to you! A little over 100 years ago, most of my family on both sides crossed the ocean, cramped in a ship to find a new life and opportunities. They left everything behind so they could survive. Not strike it rich, but just survive... But that is nothing new.

My work career is not some storybook glamourous life. I washed walls in a bakery at the age of 11. By 15 I was sweeping and mopping floors at a grocery. At 17 I was washing cars and cleaning toilets at a car dealership. By 19 I was I was stocking shelves and unloading trucks. It was and never has been an easy road. 

How dare people think they are owed anything..... back on track

The sun will come up this morning

Which simply means that I better stop writing and get off my ass and get moving. Yes it is that simple. You see no matter what knucklehead is the white house or in the supposed sacred capital building...and if you notice I did not capitalize white house or capital building, because it seems that the people that have occupied those offices in our country no longer deserve our respect. They are beyond knuckleheads, but that is the nicest word I can think of..... Let me get back on track...

The sun continues to come up every morning. Over the last 54 years of my life with all of the bull shit and hate in this world, the sun continues to rise. Over my own personal failures and setbacks, the sun continues to rise. No matter what is happening, the sun has the nerve enough to come up every freaking day!

How dare it! 

It is time to wake up and appreciate the sun rising every morning. Get off your butt and get moving. Yes it is that simple. Don't think I don't care about the world, our environment, our social or political or ideological differences, I do, but I have realized I cannot change the world.

I can only change me, myself and I! I can only try to be a better person than the idiots that I see on TV or read about online. 

What would happen if we all decided to do that?

Back on track

The sun continues to rise every morning, so I take that as I sign from above that I am alive and if I am alive God must have something in store for me today. 

Have a good one today

Peggy, Lisa and ? not sure if I am beyond two or three readers of these ramblings of mine

Peace out