to be be be an be be be...

89 Days to go

The Highlands of Scotland

 89 Days to go to Ironman Texas...

     This is my Monday recap of last week and general rambling thoughts about the prior week and what is ahead.

    Scotland is on my mind! I guess because of my wife and I have started watching Outlander on Netflix... The scenery is so beautiful there. We were fortunate enough to spend a week in Scotland in 2018 and we spent a couple of days doing day trips out into the Highlands of Scotland. It is truly a beautiful and somewhat mystical place. It is definitely a place that I could move to in a heartbeat. There is something about it that is hard to describe. So peaceful.... 

     I wonder why we do what we do. [a more challenging subject for another day] We all know we have a 'limited' time on this earth, yet we are so willing to just live where we are from or live somewhere because that is what we are used to. 

   I feel so disappointed about so many things in life and this topic is one of them. Why live where you do? Job, family, what is your reason. If I had a choice or my dream location, there are two places at this point in my life that I would like to live. Both of those places brought something to me that I have never felt here in the States. One is the Highlands of Scotland and the other is the Alsace Lorraine area of France/Germany. 

    The area of Alsace sparked something inside of that made me feel like I belonged. I haven't felt that before in my life. Maybe now that my parents are both dead I am searching for a connection, not sure. But there in the country side of that area and small towns of the region, I felt at home. More at home there than anyplace that I have ever lived. If there is such a thing of 'being connected to a land' that was it for me. 

Oh well, back to reality and back to life in a subdivision.... and back to IM training

     It was a good week. Slow progress in the pool. I am learning that I need to continue to focus on my movements in the water, such as shoulder rotation, hand entry, and the pull, yet I still need to develop a kick that actually works. Drills and I guess more drills and not junk mileage will be key.

    The bike was great this week. My long bike on the trainer was 35 miles, and I have to be proud of the power output for that distance. The key will be building distance and maintaining that level of power for longer distances.

   My long run was 8 miles, nothing fantastic, treadmill work, which is a little of a cheat for me because of my run/walk time splits. The walk on the treadmill can/is a whole lot faster than if I was outside.

Looking forward to spending more time in the pool this week.

Peace out