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Ironman Virtual Racing Update

As in person races continued to be cancelled for 2020, the IM VR series continues to happen every weekend.

The full distance IM race that I am scheduled for in November does not seem likely and I am ok with that being cancelled.

These virtual races are fun, but at this point I think it has just become another workout for the day as this pandemic continues.

The gym that I use in Covington is now open. It is still pretty empty in there and I feel somewhat comfortable running on the treadmill in the gym. So the last couple of VR Races, I have used the treadmill to make my life a little easier. That might change as virus case counts track, so we will see...

Here is the updated list from VR-9 to the present.

I would like to think that I have made some progress, but to be honest, I don't see it. My times are just becoming very consistent on the bike and the run is just slow.


Half Ironman Distance Race

1st Run  3.1 miles          45:08

2nd Run    13.1 miles    3:25:09

Bike  56 miles               3:04:20


Olympic Distance Race

1st Run 1.87 miles        29:11

2nd Run  6.2 miles       1:34:00

Bike    24.92 miles       1:16:49


Sprint Distance Race

1st Run .93 miles          14:00

2nd Run  3.1 miles        46:14

Bike      12:46 miles      38:43


Half IM Distance Race
Both runs where done inside on treadmill

1st Run 3.1 miles           40:22

2nd Run 13.1 miles       2:48:22

Bike        56 miles         3:21:15


Olympic Distance Race
Both runs where done inside on treadmill

1st Run  1.87 miles        27:04

2nd Run  6.2 miles        1:27:23

Bike  24:89 miles           1:16:34