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No One Can Wait for Anything

The waiting game...Part Two

Why did I go down this road and rant about about waiting? Great question and to be honest it has to do with what is going on in our communities now. As COVID-19 continues to impact the daily lives of people, the desire, the call, is for everything to quickly return to.... wait for it.... "NORMAL"

Normal, here we go again, WTF is normal? Do you think the world that we lived in was normal prior to the virus of 2020? If you really think that was normal, you are sadly mistaken.

Normal is defined when used as a noun, the usual, average, or typical state or condition.

Normal is defined when used as an adjective, conforming to a standard, usual, typical or expected.

Normal, do you really want to go back to it?

What exactly were we doing right? We had become a people who are average and have gotten used to it, conforming to what others think is normal and expected.

Is that all that we are supposed to do? The world wants you to fit in doesn't it? It is hard to be different. If you are different, you open yourself up to ridicule and in this modern world, cyber bullying.

When we was first time you were bullied? Maybe you wouldn't say you were bullied, let's say picked on?

I remember the first time I wore glasses. The taunts came from every direction, four eyes, blind as a bat, etc... Or how about when you gain weight and you are now 'fat'. Hey look at the fat kid, he is fat and he wears glasses. Those are the kind things that kids say to one another. Pick your poison. Maybe you were picked on because of hair color, skin color, size, where you lived, what your parents looked like, who your brothers or sisters were.... to some degree we have all gone through this. And believe me, it doesn't stop just because you are no longer a teenager. The cruel and insensitive kids, they grow up and become... wait for it again, cruel and insensitive adults who then have their own children!

Back on track.

To be different. Dare to be different! Dare to actually read a book and develop an opinion other than excepting the status quo, as in the popular opinion of the day! Don't just watch a movie or read the Cliff Notes to learn about something, dig in and do the hard work, discover the world that is out there! Don't worry about what others say or do! Your value, your life is not dependent on what others think! Be different!

Well actually back on track to normal...

Let's all hurry up and get back to normal. Remember the world we lived in, it was really great wasn't it?

We had abortion
We had child abuse
We had sexual predators
We had murderers
We had corruption
We had drugs
We had bullies
We had war
We had diseases
We had famines
We had everything that was wrong and could possibly go wrong....

Let's hurry up and get back to it!
As I watch the news, and believe me for my own sanity I very seldom watch the news, we want to go back quickly to this mess. [well actually to be honest, the virus didn't stop any of the items that made my list did it?]

I find it so hard to accept that we have fallen so far as a human race, but I shouldn't be surprised, I am guilty of falling into the trap of our normal world.

But let me ask you a couple of basic questions.... when it comes to the way we treat others...

How can you devalue the life of a neighbor?

How can you treat someone so cruelly?

It is interesting to me how upset the average American is over animal cruelty. Please do not read something into that statement, hear me out. We cry for blood when someone abuses a poor defenseless animal, but abortion is just... normal? We want laws put in place to punish those who abuse animals, but we don't even blink an eye when we hear about another case of child abuse.

Laws don't change things! People have to change!

The way a person treats an animal, a defenseless animal, is maybe a measure of how they will treat another person. How can you look at one of Gods creation and not stand in awe of the beauty of it? How has your heart become so cold or hardened that you cannot see the beauty of something that God placed on this earth.

How can we as people accept the way that some people are treated because of their skin color, or their age, or their mental capacity, or their religion or sexual preference. We are not judge, jury and executioner. We do not have a free license to treat people badly based on an outward marker. Maybe we should actually try to get to know them first. Let them disappoint you first, or screw you over first, then you can make a judgement. Wait, before your judgement is to severe to forgive, remember all the times that you disappointed people and screwed over others.... and all you wanted was someone to give you a second chance and forgive you...

Forgiveness goes a long way and it is a two way street.


Maybe this is chance for us to reset a little, just a little.

Maybe when we think about going back to normal, we will decide that our old normal was not that good and a new normal might be something worth looking into.

But who am I kidding, the popular majority will win and normal will return.

I thought I was writing about waiting and our inability to wait for things to get back to... normal

I will pick that line back up on the next post!

Now I need to go run and start my day

Peace out