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No one can wait for anything. Part 3

You might actually be getting tired of this subject.... but isn't that the point?

We don't have patience.

Guns and Roses have a song called "Patience", we all need a little patience...

As you have read before, the reason this topic came up was because of the virus and the demands of some many people to get back to normal.

If you haven't guessed by my previous post on this subject, I was not impressed with what 'normal' had become.

What about you?

Did you really like your 'normal'?

My guess is that you like many others were not exactly happy with your life prior to the virus, but you want somethings to return to... normal

I would like to go on a cruise personally. If you are a cruiser, a person who likes going on a big ship with a few thousand strangers, you know that one thing is important on a cruise ship. What is the one thing? Wash and sanitize! The crew aboard cruise ships have songs they sing about sanitizing your hands before entering dining areas. Wash e wash e! Does that sound familiar now? Go figure!

Back on point, I would love to go on a cruise, but I would also like to get back into the country. I know personally I could swim to shore, I am probably good for a 3 to 4 mile swim to the shore, but if I had to escape the ship, my wife would be stuck on board and that wouldn't work.

So I guess until a vaccine or some other scenario happens, no cruises for me.

What else would you like to go back to?

I would like to sit down at a restaurant and have a nice meal. I went to KY's the other day, one of my favorite places to eat at and even though the servers were masked, of course the other customers were not. KY's is not a big place and to be honest, it was a little odd at first, and I left not knowing if I made the right choice.

That is sad isn't it? I would have probably felt better with a take out order or dining outside, but that is not what happened. But life must go on....

What else.... church

Sooner or later this subject was going to come up. Church...

Everyone wants church to go back to normal. I guess that means no facial coverings? Or everyone wants to socialize before or after church? I am not sure to be honest what everyone means. You really never get a clearly articulated answer about returning to normal...

But I guess to the point of all my rambling, if we cannot go back to what once took place prior to this virus for a period of time, why can we not wait.

If we have to wait till a vaccine is available, could we do that?

Church is an interesting place, well actually Christians are interesting people.

This virus has proved that Christians are not united on this earth, but that is not a surprise or anything new.

I love that this has turned into an issue of faith. Your faith is supposed to allow you to have no fear when it comes to this virus.

I do not believe this is an issue of faith, I believe it is an issue of common sense combined with medical advice. It's funny that people who take pills prescribed by doctors, now all of a sudden do not want to take advice from health care professionals. Give me my pills for my blood pressure, my cholesterol, my diabetes, [pick your ailment] but don't give me any real advice that goes against my personal freedom.

Did I just stumble on something? You are infringing on my personal freedom now! I love writing, as I write the answers just come to me sometimes.

I do not want to wait because you are now stepping into my personal space, my personal freedoms that I enjoy as a person, a citizen of the United States of America.

I don't want to wait for the virus to pass over. I don't want to wait for things to get back to normal. I want what I want and I want it now.

How true is that. I guess that is obvious...true on every count.

Don't get me wrong, there are many things that I want to get back to normal, but can I wait for most of them, sure, why not.

If it means that we as a society or community will be stronger or safer in the long run, then we should all just chill....

Well off to bike and work