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What is important

What is important?

That is a great question. As we navigate this new world that question might come up.

It is not a 'brave new world' that we are navigating right now is it? It is a somewhat scary new world that seems a little out of control. I hope that if you are reading this you are well and please know that you are loved.

So, what is really important?

I think we are all learning what is important versus what is a luxury right now.

I guess generations of old, mainly the "Greatest Generation" that mostly has passed by now, understood what was important. Think back to what our parents and grand parents went through and maybe that will help us in these trying time.

I know my parents grew up in the midst of the great depression. We cannot fathom what that was or how it felt, but I do recall the stories my parents shared about it.

My mom who grew up in the city of New Orleans at that time, always remembered the lack of food on a daily basis. Her story was always how they would often share a Hubig Pie for their meal. Share a small fried pie? You have to be kidding me right? But she wasn't. It always amazed me that her grandparents owned a corner grocery but her mom and dad were too proud to ask for a handout. They might get the ham bone, but they would not want handouts from their family. Times were sure different then.

My father always shared how he worked from a very young age helping his father. Getting up at 4 a.m. to go shovel coal in the furnace at the Catholic school his father was a custodian for. He told me of many of his friends who over the course of grade school and high school, would have to drop out of school to help take care of their families. My father thankfully did not have to drop out of school, he just never stopped! He was drafted in his senior year of High School and had to have an exemption to finish school. He reported right after graduation. Wow, a kid doing a man's job...

What is important... Did we learn anything from our parents or grandparents. I would love to believe we did, but then our world spun a little out of balance, like a washing machine to some degree.

Maybe this is a reset of sorts for us?

I have learned a few things recently about what is important.

Science is important, doctors are important, nurses are important, aids are important...

Our military is important, our local police, fire and EMS workers are front line and are important...

Service providers are important, store clerks, truck drivers, waste collection, plumbers, electricians, general workers are important for our society...

Farmers are important and local growers and workers are important.

Family and friends are important. People who care about you are important.

Local businesses and large employers are just as important. Whether you work for Walmart or the local hardware, businesses employee local people. Amazon is nice and it is a huge help, but we cannot buy items that put our local shops out of business. We need to balance things. I realize Amazon has distribution centers and I am not picking on them, but the idea that we can save a dollar or two and get it shipped to our door, will ruin and has ruined many small business. Almost like what people said about Walmart at first, and to be honest, I might have thought that also. But I know better and I know many people who work for Walmart and I know they have a stake in our community. I guess there just has to be a balance, or spread your money and make smart choices.

Most importantly, God and church are important! In the darkest and strangest times, we need to connect with our God and our Savior. Sharing that message in these times are vital for us. Connecting via not normal means has become very important. Virtual church, who would have thought? Now it makes me yearn for the day of gathering together inside of a building and singing at top of lungs!

What is not important

Overpaid sports stars and their opinions
Overpaid actors and their opinions
Overpaid corporate leaders and their golden parachutes and lavish lifestyles
Overpaid government leaders who are disconnected from their people

Hopefully if we survive this ordeal, we come away with a new sense of values. We grasp finally that sitting at home or walking around the neighborhood or gathering at church is important to the fabric of our life and culture.
Putting in a honest days work and coming home to your family is what made this country great. Hopefully we right the ship and find a new balance and find out, each in our own way what is important.

This blog post is a work in progress, to be adjusted in the coming weeks.....