to be be be an be be be...

Saturday weigh in

Lost in London and seeking directions, not much different than today...

Have you ever been lost? I have and I don't like being lost. I almost feel lost now. You might be wondering about what does being lost and Saturday weigh in have in common.... Not sure, but that is why I write.

No weigh in on Saturday. The week sucked, let me just say that. Not from an exercise standpoint. My totals for the last 7 days.

Walking/running, 5 workouts for 24 miles

Cycling, 2 workouts for 59 miles

Swimming, 1 workout for 30 minutes

Not great by any means, but a solid week of staying fit. I haven't had any alcohol at all, dry as a bone which is perfect. My food intake I thought was pretty good, not perfect, but no stuffing of my face. Yet I had no interest in stepping on the scale. Why, why did this week suck?

I was tired or I am tired. Not sure how I would describe my condition. Not depressed, but not happy. I know it sounds bizarre but hey, that is me! Pastoral ministry can be non stop some days. You can have plans for one thing, then something else happens and every thing else gets put to the back burner. I had a couple of days like that recently, but I guess that is life. So what is going on?

I just feel lost. I have said that more than once in the last 12 months. The worst part is I cannot put my finger on it. It is a feeling that won't get fixed with a vacation or a new purchase, it is just a fog that has entered my life.

So the scale was not anything that I wanted to deal with. The truth of losing one pound or gaining one pound was not what I wanted Saturday when I woke up. I was tired and didn't want to deal with it. After working on my sermon in the morning I ventured out for my long bike ride and only managed to do two hours instead of 4 or 5 hours. I just didn't want to be on the bike.

What a depressing article. Sorry, I guess Satan is winning right now.

There is always next Saturday to weigh in. Maybe by then, my google maps function in my life will start working again and I won't be so lost.